Kirsten Buddeberg

Locatie 16 – Vitamaris

My art reflects on individual experiences concerning everyone worldwide. Searching for peaceful parallel worlds – such as Dutch sandbanks or the untouched nature of the Amazon – I was lucky to discover both: my very own originality and those of other nationalities & religions; their respect of nature & each other. However, even here the surrounding is not clean anymore. I use a great variety of natural material, such as wood, sand, amber, mainly materials which have been washed ashore: something which has been pushed away or lost. The creative quality is not only evident in paintings or graphics: you can also find it in sculptures & the installations concerning refugees trying to reach Europe by sea, or the social sculptures referring to communication in progress. Some works of art even result from carefully looking at apparently insignificant things like telephone cells or styrofoam BigMac boxes. Plastic has quite a story to tell, not just about its material. You need to see the connections between objects and their broader context within the lives of people who make and use them. Why do we find parts of fishing nets as well as BigMac boxes on sidewalks, lawns and beaches?